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How Your Personal Insurance Company is Responding to Coronavirus

This letter is going out to all our personal insurance clients shortly. It contains some great information for anyone concerned about their personal insurance during the outbreak. 

First, I would like you to know that everyone here at Southern Insurance Advisors is thinking about you every day.  Our staff was already 100% remote prior to the outbreak so we are fully operational and here to help. The pandemic is affecting different people in different ways and we would like to highlight some of the ways your personal insurance is responding.

  • Shelter-In-Place Payback – People are driving less and as a result there have been fewer claims. The insurance companies recognize this and almost every company we represent has announced some sort of dividend or refund program.  The details are different for each insurance company and many of them are still pending approval from the insurance commissioner, but generally speaking the rebate is about 15% of your auto insurance premium for the months of April and May.  This money will be sent back to the same way that you make payments.  If your policy is paid in full you will receive a rebate check in the mail. If you are paying via installments you’ll see it as a credit on your next bill.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO GET THIS REFUND. This will be automatic and distributions should start happening in May.

  • Commercial Delivery Endorsement – There is a standard exclusion on a personal auto policy across all insurance companies that voids coverage if the vehicle is used for commercial purposes such as delivery or rideshare driving. Many insurance companies are temporarily lifting the exclusion for delivery driving, but not rideshare driving. If you are using your vehicle for delivery driving, please contact us. We will let you know if your insurance company has temporarily broadened coverage and we will set an alert on your account to let you know when the temporary expansion of coverage stops. If you are using your vehicle for rideshare driving please contact us. We have insurance companies that offer an endorsement to cover your personal auto while being used for this purpose. The best way to contact us is by calling 770-977-7045 or emailing service [at] southia [dot] com.

  • Payment Flexibility – Many of our insurance companies are offering deferred payments upon request and waiving late fees. If you’re interested in restructuring your payments, the best thing to do is to contact your insurance company’s billing department.  We do not have the authority to alter your billing here in the agency.  You can find your insurance company’s billing contact information on your billing statement, on our website here, or by contacting us at service [at] southia [dot] com.

These are some highlights of the responses from the many carriers we represent.  Some carriers are offering additional services.  We suggest that you watch your email and mail for announcements directly from your insurance company about their particular programs.  If we can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  You can call us at 770-977-7045 or email us at service [at] southia [dot] com. 

We would also like to provide some resources to help you at home.  If you’re looking for some additional culture, try the resources from  Our family has been amazed at the things we’ve been able to discover through this resource.  Who knew my kids would like opera (!?  I, personally, have been at home a great deal with my two year old and five year old.  If you find yourself at home with kids young or old, try these free educational resources for all ages and grade levels:

Our team sincerely hopes you are staying safe and doing well. 


Kevin DiPetrillo
Southern Insurance Advisors